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Clevedon & District Model Boat Club


Why should I join a club


You do not have to join a club to enjoy boating, but there are numerous

advantages if you do so, Firstly, you are meeting people who share a

common interest in model boating in an assortment of types and sizes,

Secondly, it allows access to a wealth of hands on experience and

knowledge which sometimes is necessary in order to enjoy the hobby to

the full, There is usually someone to assist if you have a problem,

Thirdly whether you like sailing for relaxation, for competition or for

exhibiting, the club provides opportunities for all, Fourthly, it provides

essential insurance to insure against third party risks whilst sailing

Finally its good FUN

Do I have to build a boat myself


No. You do not have to be a model boat builder to be a member

Some members buy ready to sail (RTS) boats or almost ready

to sail (ARS). Kits are also now quite popular where everything

is provided to build the model. There are of course more

experienced modelers who 'scratch build' and try and make

everything themselves. Many members often have boats for

sale to anyone, wanting to try out the hobby



How are most boats controlled


Most model boats are radio controlledin as much as a Receiver (RX)

is located inside the boat and a Transmitter (TX) held by its owner.

An important aspect of the control is that a matching pair of frequency

crystals are required to operate. The club only uses the nationally

recognized frequencies of 27MHz ans 40MHz, it is important when

sailing a boat that you check with others who are sailing to ensure

that you are operating on different crystals, otherwise you will have

problems with the control of the boats. There could be dire consequences if two people are using the same frequency, More

and more people are now switching to the new 2.4Ghz controls as

these do away with the need to use different crystals, and the

likelihood of clashing frequency with someone else is very remote.

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